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We have over 40 years of experience in Informational Technologies Products and Services.

Solutions Approach

We use the Interview Process to identify customer's needs and develop one or more technology solutions to meet long term needs.


  • Computers and Servers

  • Smart Devices

  • Small Business Networks

  • Enterprise Networking

  • Wireless Networks - WiFi

  • Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Desktop Solutions

  • Software Development

  • Systems Integration


Security Solutions Design

A layered approach that encompasses security concerned with active and passive measures, designed to prevent unauthorized access to personnel, equipment, installations, materials, and information; and to safeguard them against espionage, sabotage, terrorism, damage, and criminal activity.

Electronic Security Engineering

  • CCTV Solutions

  • Access Control Systems

  • Communications

  • Perimeter Protection

  • Command Center Solutions

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